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Morley-Ellenbrook Line New rail service

Bayswater, Beechboro, Bennett Springs, Brabham, Ellenbrook, Embleton, Henley Brook, Malaga, Morley, Noranda, Whiteman Park


  • Rail

    Project type
  • $1.65 billion

    Total budget
  • Under Construction

    Project phase

    Lead agency
  • 6500

    Jobs supported
  • Early 2022

    Start date

    Late 2024

    End date

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line will halve the public transport journey time for passengers travelling between Ellenbrook and the CBD.

Approximately 21km of new rail line will be constructed and will travel from Ellenbrook’s growing town centre, down the western side of Drumpellier Drive, through land north of Marshall Road and down the middle of Tonkin Highway, connecting at Bayswater Station on the Midland Line.

The line starts at Bayswater, where the Bayswater Station project is underway and will become a four-platform station with additional rail infrastructure and integrated bus services. 

Stations will also be built in Ellenbrook, Whiteman Park, Malaga, Noranda and Morley, with a station planned at Bennett Springs East as development progresses in the area.

Ellenbrook Station is complete, marking the first station finished as part of the new line. Final landscaping and faregate installation will be completed soon, with the new station to be opened and operational later this year.

The new Drumpellier/Gnangara intersection has been operational since January 2024, and includes a tunnel for the Morley-Ellenbrook line.

As part of the associated Tonkin Gap project, a new Broun Avenue bridge is being constructed to accommodate the future Morley Station.

Station Estimated passenger boardings by 2031 Journey time to Perth Number of parking bays Number of bus stands
Ellenbrook 8,016 30 minutes 500 12
Whiteman Park 3,795 25 minutes 900 10
Malaga 3,084 21 minutes 1,100 12
Noranda 1,810 18 minutes 400 2
Morley 1,365 15 minutes 400 12


  • Reduced congestion and provision of more transport options for people in the north-eastern suburbs
  • Halves the current travel time for local Ellenbrook residents using public transport, to approximately 30 minutes
  • Improved liveability through the creation of vibrant urban centres with accessible connections, mixed uses, diverse housing options and opportunities for businesses to grow
  • Creates thousands of jobs while providing improved access to employment opportunities

Project map

This map shows an aerial view of the project location.

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