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North Fremantle to Swan River (PSP) Fremantle Railway Principal Shared Path

Fremantle, North Fremantle


Extension of the Fremantle Railway Principal Shared Path (PSP), connecting North Fremantle train station to and across the Swan River, was to be delivered as part of the Swan River Crossings project.

Between North Fremantle station and the river, the PSP was to be constructed within the rail reserve, requiring both rail and path works to be coordinated. However, with the omission of the rail bridge from the project, the PSP construction has been deferred (between North Fremantle station and the river).

The new concept for the Swan River Crossings project includes wider and safer paths on each side of the new traffic bridge (up to four metres wide). On the western side, this path will form part of the PSP between Perth and Fremantle.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads are exploring alternative options, with support from other key stakeholders, for a safer crossing at Tydeman Road, to improve connectivity for people of all ages and abilities walking, wheeling and riding between North Fremantle station and the Swan River.

All options are being considered to address short term needs, as well as options that align to the future of Fremantle.


  • Improved connectivity from North Fremantle Station across the Swan River
  • Provision of a safe route for people walking, wheeling and riding in the area
  • Includes new lighting, wayfinding and landscaping
  • Completion of Fremantle to Perth PSP route

Project map

This map shows an aerial view of the project location.