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Forrestfield-Airport Link New rail service

Bayswater, High Wycombe, Perth Airport, Redcliffe


  • Rail

    Project type
  • $1.86 billion

    Total budget
  • Under Construction

    Project phase

    Lead agency
  • 2000

    Jobs supported
  • Late 2016

    Start date

    Late 2021

    End date

The Forrestfield-Airport Link project will deliver a new rail service to the eastern suburbs of Perth – with three new stations at Redcliffe, Airport Central and High Wycombe.

The Airport Line will spur off the existing Midland Line near Bayswater Station and run to High Wycombe through twin-bored tunnels.

Construction is well advanced and, once operational, the line will make access to Perth Airport quicker, easier and more affordable for residents and visitors alike.


  • Provide a viable alternative to car travel between the eastern suburbs and Perth
  • Encourage domestic and international tourism with improved access between Perth Airport and the city
  • Create additional rail capacity on the Midland Line in the inner suburbs of Perth
  • Revitalisation of the local community with improved land use planning

Project map

This map shows an aerial view of the project location
Project work area

Public transport disruptions

Detour options

  • Out of hours works

    The majority of works for the Midland and Airport lines will be completed during normal work hours (7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday), however given the proximity to the operating Midland Line some out of hours works will be required.

    Upcoming works are planned from 8pm to 4.30am, Sunday October 18 – Friday October 23.

    Three 54-hour weekend shutdowns of the Midland Line are planned for December, February, and May (subject to change). Regular communications will continue with nearby residents throughout the works program.

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