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Success Hill Station to Railway Parade (PSP) Midland Railway Principal Shared Path



This project completes a missing 275m gap in the Principal Shared Path (PSP) network along the Midland Railway line at Success Hill Station, providing people riding and walking with a continuous off-road facility that will improve connectivity, safety and convenience.

It has been designed in consultation with the Town of Bassendean and the local community to preserve valuable local trees and add complementary natural landscaping for a more enjoyable walking and riding experience.


  • Improved connectivity along the Midland Railway Prinicpal Shared Path (PSP) at Success Hill
  • Provision of a safe route for people riding and walking in the area
  • New lighting, wayfinding signs, pavement markings and landscaping
  • Completion of a continuous route between Perth and Midland
  • Provision of a shaded and scenic green transport route

Project map

This map shows an aerial view of the project location.