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Newman to Port Hedland Great Northern Highway Overtaking Lanes

Newman to Port Hedland


  • Road

    Project type
  • $50 million

    Total budget
  • Under Construction

    Project phase
  • Main Roads WA

    Lead agency
  • Early 2024

    Start date

    Early 2025

    End date

Great Northern Highway carries a variety of traffic travelling at various speeds including light vehicles, towing vehicles, road trains and oversize over mass vehicles.

Eleven overtaking lanes will be constructed, providing safer overtaking opportunities and helping to reduce conflict between heavy and light vehicles.

Construction of the lanes will be undertaken in two stages to minimise inconvenience to road users. Construction works are expected to commence in late-2024.

Pre-construction works associated with the project are complete, as well as the realignment and reconstruction of Arum Lily Place, and the upgrade of Adelaide Street.


  • Improved road safety
  • Enhanced freight network
  • Better transport efficiencies

Project map

This map shows an aerial view of the project location.

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